Global Science Communication and Perception

This project finished on 28/02/2023. This website will remain for five years.

Our mission

Over the next two years, GlobalSCAPE will be gathering a global picture of science communication, looking past Europe and including the lesser-heard voices in non-western countries. GlobalSCAPE will:


GlobalSCAPE reviews the state of education and practice within the science communication profession to produce an accurate global picture of the current landscape.


GlobalSCAPE seeks the lesser-heard voices in the global community of science communicators to assess the broader relationships between science and society.


GlobalSCAPE deploys a longitudinal diary study with science communicators in 10 countries to understand day-to-day experiences, challenges, and professional decisions.


GlobalSCAPE widely shares resources developed within the project and opens access for use by science communicators around the globe.


GlobalSCAPE supports an open-access science communication module, professional development workshops, and policy centred white papers.

The latest from the GlobalSCAPE project