Are you a science communicator?

You are invited to participate in a research study about your day-to-day professional experiences, challenges and decisions while communicating research or science with public, non-academic audiences. This study follows regular reports over twelve months to track what happens for you in science communication over this timeframe.

Join the study


Register Interest & Complete Initial Questionnaire

Register your interest and fill in a questionnaire about your background as a science communicator.
About 15 minutes in total.


Respond to Recurring Questionnaire (Diary)

Complete an electronic diary entry using your smartphone or computer once a week for up to 12 months.
Each entry will take between 2-5 minutes. 

Participation benefits

1. Mobility

GlobalSCAPE is implementing a Mobility Scheme to help fund science communication professionals from around the world to attend professional development workshops. Participants will be supported in building networks within the field of science communication and will have the opportunity to take part in science communication workshops.

2. Voice

Through participating in GlobalSCAPE, science communicators will have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Participants’ experiences in science communication will be taken into account in providing an overall picture of the field of science communication, including the challenges faced by science communicators.

3. Incentive

As a “thank you” for participating in the study, the project is offering incentives, typically in the form of electronic vouchers. Participants from low-income countries could be eligible for incentives with a value up to €500 per person depending on the total number of participants. The amount a participant receives depends on the extent of participation (how long you stay in the study).


All information will be handled strictly in accordance with GDPR. Any identifiable information will be kept confidential. Only the research team will know your real identity and there will be no public disclosure initiated without fully authorised written consent.

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